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Sorry guys if you find something amiss or weird on the blog. I'm experimenting on a few things and it will take time to finalize. Thanks and have a good day!

Of Dentures and Braces- Teeth Cleaning etc

I’ve been wearing braces since I was 24. Yes you guessed it right. I am much older now and I won’t tell you my age ;-) Well these frequent dentist visits made me realize the acute importance of Teeth Cleaning. I won’t go into boring medical details since I have been bored enough by my doctor for all these years but let me write here that the main enemy of our teeth is something called the plaque.
Teeth Cleaning
Smiling Tooth

What is Plaque?

Plaque is a thin whitish layer that forms on the teeth after you eat something. This layer hardens itself if you do not brush your teeth regularly or properly. If sometimes any food particle is trapped beneath this hardened plaque it can bore down a hole into your teeth. When this hole reaches your gums, you get what is popularly advertised today as “teeth sensitivity”. Nope teeth sensitivity isn’t something that you can “cure” with toothpastes. It needs immediate treatment which is known as “root canal”.

Root Canal Treatment

A root canal procedure involves cleaning the infected nerves and filling them up. The top of the cavity is then filled up with a temporary filling. Finally the tooth is sealed with a permanent filling or a cap. Yes root canal infection is painful and that is why it is so important to get teeth cleaning done once every six months.

Teeth Whitening

Yellowing of teeth is not uncommon and there are various factors leading to it. However, dental treatments provide many simple solutions to get white glowing teeth in minutes. Although, prevention is always the best cure, one can always achieve a bright smile with the help of teeth whitening. This process usually involves the bleaching of tooth stains with a chemical solution called peroxide. Results can differ from person to person depending on factors such as the condition of the teeth and the amount of discoloration and stains. There are a number of “use at home” solutions and mouthwashes available for teeth whitening but it will be best if you visit your dentist to get professional and long lasting results. Yet, the process of teeth whitening has its own side effects since your teeth are treated chemically. Hence, it is advisable to consult your doctor first and let him decide if it is appropriate for your teeth to undergo whitening. 

Well I am no doctor. But my frequent visits to the dentist and his interactions with other patients made me realize that we tend to overlook our dental hygiene. I was amazing at his words when he told me that “it is a myth that we lose our teeth with old age”. Proper care and hygiene will ensure that your teeth will remain with you even when you turn 90. Touch-wood!

The Overall Guide to Garage Renovation

Led Garage Lights
Adding Led Garage Lights can visibly enhance the look of your garage!
Often we come across many articles explaining everything related to renovating your home. Finding specific information regarding particular renovation is a bit hard. For instance, if you are thinking about remodeling your garage, you will have to pull up your socks to find information related to flooring, plumbing, wiring and of course lighting.  It doesn’t end here. The list is endless and it requires a lot of homework on your part.

Let me make give you some tips on remodeling your garage

    Why should I renovate my garage?

I can’t really answer that for you. This is an individual decision. But if I am to put forward my opinion I would say this. Almost all of us have this bad habit of collecting unwanted things, artifacts, furniture etc. from any random bouts of shopping. You, in your whim may have collected that item, only later realizing that your home does not have enough space for it. What do you do then? The garage is the answer. You dump your junk there. Oh well its junk after all since you probably will never use it. Oh and I forgot to mention this. Your cars will be lying outside the garage rather than in. Even if this situation does not apply to your home, you can always consider a renovation of the garage that will help you organize it in a better way.

    Okay so how should I proceed?

As with any of your other remodeling projects, make sure that you plan out in advance. You will need to pay special heed to your budget, if you plan to include your garage as an extension to your current construction, make sure that you have all the plans ready. Some localities require extra permissions to extend your home. Make sure that you sort this out before actually starting your project.


If you do not want to include your garage into your home, you will not have to worry about reconstruction. Re-using your pipes and wiring will be a great idea and will also save you the money. In the previous section I talked about dumping your junk inside your garage. You may or may not have the heart to throw it away. In any case you can easily utilize the extra space in your garage to store those items. There are so many options available to store your stuff. You can make use of overhead storage systems, shelving units and even multitasking furniture to serve your purpose.


If you are planning a multi-utility garage you will need proper drainage and plumbing. Drainage lines usually run through the floor and will require digging and tunneling. Water lines can be concealed in the wall. If you plan to use water dependent appliances such as washing machines placing them near the door will be a good idea. Also consider placing a basin for the machine with easy access to a floor drain. Lastly, drain lines will often extend though the driveway right up to the main sewer, which may require digging.


Before you plan the flooring make sure that you are done with the wiring and plumbing. Garage flooring consists of coating, covering or tiling. Coatings may include paints and sealers. Coverings are in turn fancy and may hide any existing blemishes on your garage floor. Covering, however will cost more than coatings. Tiling your garage may require extra effort but it is necessary if you are extending your home. In any case you will require professional help here so make sure you hire a competent professional for your garage flooring.


Lighting is an integral part of your garage remodeling project. Even if you plan to use your garage as a parking space or a multi-utility space, you will need proper lighting. There are so many different options available for garage lighting. Consider using florescent or Led Garage Lights for your project. They are energy efficient and environment friendly as well. Overhead fixtures, led garage fixtures, recessed lighting and incandescent bulbs are also some options to consider while planning garage lighting.

    Garage Doors and Parking sensors

We often come across articles displaying cool garage doors and designs. Well you need not be fancy to have a decent garage door. There are two things to keep in mind when it comes to garage doors. One is safety and the other is security. Keep these in mind while selecting a garage door. You will need to make sure that the door is durable; rust protected and has a good locking mechanism for optimum safety. Also do not ignore the insulation. Also consider the operating mechanisms based on the size of your garage opening.

If you are a reckless driver like me, you can consider investing in a parking sensor. These are useful tools that guide you to park your vehicle without causing any damage to property. Today’s parking sensors can also be easily wired to your garage doors so that the sensor is activated as soon as the door opens.


Garage renovation is not a big deal if you plan it well. Renovating can be a good idea if your garage is lying unused or cluttered. Also renovating your garage will help you organize it and plan better. In case, you are using it as an extension to your home, it will help create more space, since the possibilities are endless.

When we lose someone dear....

Lose Someone Dear
I found no better way to title my post. I am sure each one of us would have gone through the "process" ( if i can call it that) of losing someone dear. Its painful and it hurts. Unfortunately i have been through it thrice.
Of course every incident makes a new "me". But i have to mention it again it is painful. 
I lost my dearest pet a few days back. Some may think, well whats the big deal in losing a pet? I agree. Its no big deal if you treat it as a pet. For us she was one amongst us. A family member. She had lived with us for fourteen long years and one day suddenly she is gone. I keep looking at her favorite spots desperately thinking , yes here she comes. Unfortunately for us and for her she had lost her eyesight. I would rather like to think that she was relieved from her suffering. But what about the void that she left? They say time is the best healer but patience is something that i do not have.........
All i can say is that may her innocent soul R.I.P.....
OMG! I am back again and so soon? Even I'm surprised. But life is all about surprises right? I have a new theme on my blog after so many years. (6 years i guess). I designed it myself. I know you won't believe me. But i can boast a little bit about my knowledge of arts since i was a fine arts student and of course with the plethora of amazing software available today almost anyone on earth can design a theme!
So what is it that makes this time special for me? Well its my birthday next month.At 28  i cannot as much as imagine jumping in joy and expect everyone to sing a "Happy Birthday" but i have always been excited about birthdays. I do regret getting older but there are somethings in life that have to move forward. Yes i miss those golden days. I mean there is so much to be done that could have been done then. I am sure most of you agree with me. 
You know my weight issues have always caught up at a steady pace with me. Plus i have inherited a legacy of being tall from my grandparents.  So much so that kids never fall back addressing me as "aunty". Gosh! too much i say. Don't laugh people. I know it was embarrassing at first but then i realized that i have to accept my age. Of course i am not that old to be addressed as an aunty but i love kids and i don't mind being called anything by them :-) ( he he he i am mad)
See i wandered off topic again. Well what i wanted to say was that i have a weird birthday wish this year. I want a cute little cuckoo clock for my room. I have always been fascinated by it since childhood. Just imagine that little cuckoo annoying you every hour with its cute "cuckoo sound". So guys please pray for me that i get my wish fulfilled this year. 
Guess i have written too much. Its very much unlike me. See ya around and thanks a ton for stopping by.
Good day and Cheers!

Some more ramblings....

hey everyone (is there someone?..... okay i don't know really if someone reads my posts or not)

I was just going through a lot of random blogs. And then suddenly something inside me sprang up and said "Lets write a blog post!" Sounds like I've climbed the Mt.Everest right? Well yes I'm my own favorite. So everything i say / do is special to me. ;-)
I've aptly used the word "ramblings" in my post title. I'm  a confused lot lately. The last two years have been a roller coaster ride for me. I can hardly think without getting confused all over again. But i have a saving grace. I find solace in knitting. All right people, the guys reading this post may say "knitting? not my cup of tea" . I can understand that. And the girls, well knitting is an art that is slowly disappearing in India. I am not sure if there are avid knitters still left. At least i haven't come across any. So there may not be many girls that will actually love knitting.
As for me i love this art. Its engrossing, enjoying and above all, i take pride in my creations. I had a hard time looking for knitting yarn since the place i live, acts as if it is alien to knitting. Same is the case with crochet hooks or knitting needles. All right guys so now don't look so bored. i am not gonna dedicate this post "in the memory of knitting". I am just rambling remember?
As it is with the onset of facebook people hardly get time to read blogs. (get time? sounds like an excuse? well if you can get time to update your status you can surely get time to read a post). I wonder who is gonna read mine.
I will add some more inputs to this post as and when the "something inside me" springs up again. Till then love life , live life and thanks for reading.

Affiliate Marketing continued

Hey everyone
So i am back again with another post. I had talked about affiliate marketing in my previous post. If you haven't read it yet i would recommend that you do so here.
So now that you have decided to take the plunge you may ask "what next"? Well since you have to promote stuff online you need some space to do so. To explain it in a better way let us take an example. You have applied to be an affiliate at a site that sells shoes. Majority of them will require that you own a website of your own. You will say "i do not have one. And i am no designer". The most interesting part here is that nowadays even people with zero knowledge about websites can have one of their own. How is it possible? Let us go through some ways with which you have have a space or a website of your own.

This very popular blogging platform has now become a household name owing to its simplicity and ease of use. WordPress users swear by the fact that its damn easy to create a site via word press.  WordPress offers a variety of features to its users including themes and plugins  (in simple words easy to use pieces of code that hep you run your site better). there are two ways to create your own site using wordpress. One is to used a slef-hosted option and the second is to host your site on wordpress itself. Assuming that you have knowledge about hosting and domains ( if not, Google is your friend) you can easily understand that self-hosting means that you set up your wordpress site on your own host with the domain of your choice. Similarly, wordpress hosted sites will have an extension of "" in the domain. For example, if i were to create a wordpress site using the name "my own space" it will appear as "" You can visit for wordpress hosted site and for a self-hosted site. The choice is yours.

Next comes blogger. Now since you are already here reading this i do not need to explain about blogger. Creating a blog on blogger is as easy as typing 1-2-3. You can further customize your blog by adding your own domain instead of the traditional ""

So now that you know the basics let me tell you that the content you post in your blog/site is equally important. Nowadays search engines and specially "Google" takes things very seriously when it comes to content. If you really want your site to become popular and get visitors you have to make sure that you have original content on your site. If by chance you have to copy the content make sure that you quote or link back to the original author. I am telling this out of experience. Many of my sites have suffered heavily due to duplicate content issues. I guess it was a lesson well learnt but the hard way.

So much so for now.I'll be talking more about SEO and other important things in my next post. Till then keep reading.

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